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What others have to say about me and my work:

Carolin Krupop.png
"Marlene has the outstanding ability to get to the point precisely and to skilfully identify core subjects. Her empathetic and at the same time confrontational nature paired with our trustful relationship enables me to deeply engage with my topics, and to develop new food for thought. Concise formulations, a resource-oriented way of working and impulses in the right places, both on an emotional and cognitive level, make this coaching particularly valuable. As a psychologist, systemic consultant and sports psychologist in training, I warmly recommend a competent colleague. Clients who want to take action and are willing to confront their issues heads on in order to develop further on a personal and professional level are in good hands with Marlene A. Magerl. "

Caroline Krupop

Psychologist University of Heidelberg, systemic consultant,

Sports psychology expert in training (asp curriculum)

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