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Mental health: a solid investment.

Mental strength is the lever to success. 

Let's achieve peak health, motivation and performance:

I will be at your side with empathy and expertise.​ 

  Marlene A. Magerl
Systemic Consultant & Business Coach
for mental health in the workplace

Marlene A. Magerl is a systemic consultant and business coach for mental health in the workplace, family entrepreneur in occupational safety, prospective doctor and researches mental health and work.


Working with her, clients learn to maintain and improve their mental health in a systematic way.

In addition, she trains business leaders  as part of her additional specialization in organizational consulting and development in relevant leadership skills related to mental health.


Without complicated jargon or watered-down feel-good wisdom, but with facts and implementable tools!

Marlene works in a multidisciplinary manner:

Thanks to her specialist knowledge and practical experience in business and systemic consulting and medicine, you will achieve sustainable success in a timely manner.

✔️ Building a mental health strategy in your company or organization

✔️ Leadership skills around mental health, 1-on-1 and in leadership teams

✔️ Workshops & interactive lectures for entrepreneurs, executives and employees

✔️ 1-on-1 coaching for individual strategies to build and maintain your mental strength, performance and motivation

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Selected references & partners: 

VentureLab North
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Business coaching &organizational consulting for companies, executives & employees

✔️ For companies looking for a consultant or trainer who offers practical and implementable advice on mental health, interactive workshops and develops targeted strategies for mental health promotion. 

✔️ For executives and management teams in need of in-depth mental health information and solid tools that will increase the productivity, well-being and motivation of their teams. 

✔️ For employees who want to maintain and improve their mental health for greater wellbeing, productivity and motivation.

My coaching, workshops and lectures are always scientifically sound, pragmatic and implementable. I work with innovative methods according to the highest professional standards.


My goal: To make mental health a valuable resource for you, which you enjoy using every day in your professional life and beyond.  

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Marlene A. Magerl Führungskräfte Schulung Psychische Gesundheit mentale Stärke Workshop Vortrag Keynote


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“I got to know Marlene as my mentee through the FeMentor mentoring program and I am still deeply impressed by her expertise, experience and passion for mental health. Marlene is now a mentor herself, an author in the FemalExperts online magazine, as well as a systemic consultant and business coach. If you are looking for a highly qualified mental health consultant (at work, during your studies or in your private life) who works scientifically, pragmatically and practically, you have come to the right place!”

Kinga Bartczak

CEO UnternehmerRebellen GmbH &

Editor of FemalExpert Magazine


Want to get to know me or work together?

Via the button below, you will get to the contact site to book a free call or send me a message. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Marlene A. Magerl

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