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LIVE Training: Mental Strength at work

The most important basics and frameworks around workplace wellbeing, and how to apply them

Marlene A. Magerl

Your Trainer on mental health at work

Marlene is a systemic consultant and business coach for mental health in the workplace, family entrepreneur in occupational safety, prospective doctor and researches mental health and work.

In her work, Marlene strives to equip her clients with knowledge and actionable tools around mental health so they can work with passion and pleasure, unfold their full potential whilst staying happy and healthy.

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6 pm GMT +2

✔ Learn what mental health really is: It is defineable, measurable and manageable. 

✔ Understand its determinants, so that you can focus your attention, time and energy on the needle movers to truly improve your wellbeing at work. 

✔ Discover the framework and strategies I have taught dozens of clients over the years in 1-on-1 coachings, keynotes, group workshops and a university-level course so you can apply them in your life as well. 

✔ Get free access to my Mental Strength Workbook, including three months of follow-up via email by me so you can immediately start your Workplace Wellbeing Journey. 

✔ Guaranteed no fuzz or watered down feelgood wisdom, but evidence based and actionable tools to provide you with everything you need to take action now! 

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